The Story Behind 888 Women History Project

Men and women were not always in equal platforms back in the olden days. There are many aspects that have shown this gender inequality and discrimination, may it be in terms of occupation or the salary they receive. As such, the march that have happened on Boston where women amounting to hundreds in order to fight for their rights and obtain equality when it comes to occupation, salary, medical care along with birth control and more, as well as free children care, has undeniably etched itself in the annals of History which was deemed to be the 'International Women's Day'. In order to continuously preserve this glorious event, the 888 Women History Project was built.

After the said march, the women who marched were gloriously able to seize and occupy one building from Harvard and claimed it to be the Center for Women which is now one of the most renowned operating community that aimed to be of help to the women across the globe. For the preservation of the renowned events that have happened for this cause, 2001 marked the birth of the 888 Women History Project by community activists, archivists and historians. They accumulated various materials connected to the event and recorded various interviews from those who are involved with the goal of documenting this unforgettable event.

With this venerable aim, they were able to finish a documentary film that showed the evolution and transformation of the history of women which is entitled, 'Left on Pearl: Women Takeover 888 Memorial Drive'. It is evident why the 888 Women History was named as such, and this is to further enforce and to be evidently seen as a group for that specific event.

The film was able to show various points in history on the 1960s to the early parts of the year 1970s, along with various conflicts on Feminism and other struggles that occurred in that time. The documentary film was able to explicit rare footages and videos, pictures and interviews of various women along with their experiences despite having different backgrounds in their class, race and even ethnicity. The 888 Women continuously creates archives and information that will help students and inform every one of the impact of the event, not only to women, but also to the entire world.