Famous Women Gamblers In Gambling's Entire History.

When all thought that the world of gambling was all for men and them alone, we were all stupefied as women around the globe started accumulating their courage as they step and tried to dominate this tricky industry in order to haul huge sums of money and defeat the men. From them, the most famous women gamblers began to emerge and this has started ever since the revered Gold Rush that happened in California on the year 1850. Though you may only be familiar of some women gamblers that are renowned like Courtney Friel or Annie Duke, there were far more astounding and vicious women who dominated the gambling industry back in the 19th Century.

It is evident that you may not have heard about all the famous women gamblers that dated back way in the Gold Rush in California, however, they are considered not only the best in their time, but even until now as they have already become legends in their own respective features, characteristics and achievements. Of course, there's one of the most famous names, Dona Maria Barcelo who became renowned in Santa Fe, but was originally from Mexico. She delved into gambling in order to support her family composts of her two children, when her husband left them. The game Monte was incredibly renowned in Santa Fe and so, she started to become a dealer of the game in a specific land-based establishment back then and slowly but surely became revered in that time. She became one the most influential women back then, as well as the richest one that Santa Fe has ever seen.

There was also Lottie Deno who was known as the Poker Queen as she defeated the renowned 'Doc Holliday' back in her days in a game of Poker when she moved to Texas after the Civil War that took the life of her parents. She was revered as the most renowned female gambler in the entirety of the West America.

There was also the Blackjack legend, Eleanor Dumont who had dominated the game back of Blackjack back in the 1850s in Nevada. Unfortunately, she met her demise in 1870s as events and her luck started going downstream. These famous women gamblers have undeniably changed the course of waging forever.