Who is Poker Alice?

Back in the Old West, Men have not only been renowned in gun fights and fierce behaviors, they have also been renowned in the world of gambling as it started to sprout and become more famous around the country and the whole word. Amidst the fierceness and savagery of the Old West, a woman known as Poker Alice started to dominate the waging industry, more specifically the game of poker, and climbed her way up to become one of the most famous gamblers of her time, and the most renowned female gambler in all of history.

Poker Alice was the alias used by Alice Iver Tubbs, a women born on the 17th of February, year 1851 on England. She had quite a prestigious background as one of her parents was a schoolmaster who was incredibly conservative. Her family moved to US, Virginia when she was but a young girl. She entered a women boarding school that was considered to be elite back in her time, but as she aged and entered her teenage years, they had once again moved to Colorado for the Silver Rush.

Her gambling days started in this place, but before that, she was married at the age of twenty years old, to a mining engineer who she met there, named Frank Duffield. As miners back then saw the world of gambling as their 'way of life', it was already a given that Frank was also an avid wager and this became the bridge that connected Poker Alice to the industry as she accompanied her husband in a waging hall. She was a fast learner and not quite a time has passed before she was already sitting on the tables and playing games like Faro and Poker.

When her husband died, she entered the world of waging to support her life as she wasn't interested on the jobs available for women back in the days. As a petite women, she ravaged every mining camps and waging halls one after another and became renowned to the point where he was dubbed as 'Poker Alice', who was also an owner of a .38 revolver which was why no one dared to mess with her. She continued her streak, been married again and continued waging even at the old age and died at the age of 79.