Jennifer Harman as one of the Best Female Poker Player

In the poker industry and the entirety of the waging world, there have been names of men who have undeniably garnered feats that are revered by many players across the globe. However, achieving such feat is incredibly rare for women and thus, their names receive far more recognition than the common victories. On top of this category, there are only but two women who have managed to snatch two victories in the 'World Series of Poker' or WSOP and one of them is named Jennifer Harman.

Jennifer Harman is an American who's a professional player of the game of poker and was born on the 29th of November, year 1964 on Nevada, more specifically, in Reno. Her career was undeniably interesting, especially when he grabbed an unprecedented win on the year 2000 as she was attained her first WSOP bracelet for a game of No-Limit, Deuce-to-Seven Draw Poker of $5,000 where she faced prominent wagers like Steve Kolotow and Lyle Berman. The intriguing fact in this fight as well is that it was said that she didn't have any experience playing the said variation of the game which is why she was oriented and mentored for 5 minutes by the renowned 'Howard Lederer'. She triumphed in the end while accumulating a total of $146,250. On the year 2002, she welcomed her second bracelet for the WSOP on a Limit Hold'Em Poker of $5,000, having gloriously grabbed a cash prize of $212,440.

She was the first ever woman on the waging history and the industry to have gained a total of two WSOP bracelets for open-field events. She was said to be suffering from kidney disease ever since she was only a little girl due to hereditary reasons that killed both of her mother and sister. Fortunately she had a transplant on 2004 and had a break from waging in that time. Jennifer Harman came back ever more enthusiastic for the game and gained runner-up positions for various events like placing 5th at PPT event and gaining a triumphant 2nd Place on a Rio Circuit Championship for the WSOP.

She was a renowned high-stakes player and has garnered a mouthwatering $2.7 Million total winnings for live tournaments in her life. Aside from these, Jennifer Harman was also renowned for her charity works.