Learn more about Three-Time WSOP Winner, Vanessa Selbst

If you consider yourself to be an avid player of the game of poker, then you may have already checked the 'Global Poker Index' time and time again. If you have, then you may have already been astounded when you saw the name of Vanessa Selbst, one of the most famous professional woman poker player who was revered as the only female player who has ever garnered the top spot and the pinnacle of the said Index. Playing with the username, V. Selbst, she is also a part of the revered Team, 'Pokerstars Pro'. She dominated live tournaments for the game of poker one after another and has set an incredible record of earning more than 10 million dollars for those alone.

Vanessa Selbst was also the only known woman who have ever dominated open-field events in the renowned 'World Series of Poker' Tournament also known as the WSOP, and garnered a total of three stunning bracelets for various events, along with a cash prizes that will make your knees go weak. The most recent one was her 2014 win on the Mixed-Max-No-Limit Hold'em poker of $25,000 where she gloriously won a stunning amount of $871,148. On 2012, she triumph on a 10-game Six Handed Game of $2,500 and garnered a knee-weakening amount of $244,259. Lastly, there was her 2008 win on a Pot-Limit Omaha Poker and obtained a mouthwatering $227,933.

She was not only victorious on the WSOP, but also on the revered 'North American Poker Tournament Main Event', back-to-back. On the year 2013, in the month of January, Vanessa Selbst had finally struck the highest-earning record for the female category on the history of the game. She snatched the title as she won a grand total of $1.4 Million on the PCA.

Of course, those were only the most major tournaments she had. Other than those tournaments, Vanessa Selbst also excelled and garnered huge prizes on various events - a total of 21 live-poker tournaments which had garnered her more than six-figure prizes. Some of the most notable achievements on this 21 live-poker tournaments was her winning of $1.3 Million on the 'Partouche Poker Tour' on 2010, a $750,000 win on the main event of Mohegan Sun and a total of $450,000 win on the NAPT consecutive, two main events.